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Size Agile Projects & Determine Success or Failure
Sizing Agile Projects (video podcast)
Since there is a lack of empirical data regarding Agile projects. I have created podcast outlining the technique of sizing and measuring Agile projects. Don't listen to critics or pundits determine success or failure yourself.

Read the Article Agilistas Want Destroyed!
Agile Methods and Other Fairy Tales is an article that Agilistas want destroyed. A posting was made on the extreme programming XP yahoo group. It called for "Delenda Est Longstreet Agile Paper." This is a call for the total and complete destruction of the paper. We are lucky we live in an era where opinions cannot not be silenced by a few radical and "extremme" individuals.

Reboot! Rethinking and Restarting Software Development - Free Online Book

By Kevin Brady
- Agile/Scrum Fails to get to grips with Human Psychology
Storm in A Tea Cup

From Stevey's Blog Rants
Good Agile, Bad Agile

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Worst Practices


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