What Goes Up Must Come Down


According to the department of education the number of computer science graduates declined in 2006 to 47,480.   The number of individuals getting a bachelor degree in computer science has fallen over 20% since 2004.  Those getting bachelor degrees in computer science peaked in 2004 at 59,848 computer science bachelor degrees.

Those getting degrees in MIS peaked in 2002 at 21,682 bachelor degrees conferred.  In 2006 there were only 10,175 bachelor degrees conferred in MIS a drop of over 50% in only 5  years.


Both CS Degrees and MIS Degrees continue their Decline

by David Longstreet

Software Economist


National Center for Education Statistics Table 253: Bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees conferred by degree-granting institutions, by sex of student and field of study: various years

Computer Science


The number of PhD’s conferred is moving in the opposite direction of bachelor degrees.  Since 2004 the number of PhD’s has increased from 909 to over 1,406 a gain of  55%.  The number of “non-resident aliens” (a.k.a. international students), has doubled from 455 in 2004 to 938 in 2006.   International students now represent over 66% of those getting PhD’s in computer science.  Ten years ago they represented only 43% of those getting PhD’s in computer science.

USA Residents

International Students

Doctorate of Computer Science Degrees Soar With International Students