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Online Self Paced - Function Point Training Course


There are several full articles on this site.   The articles cover a variety of topics from introductory to advanced topics.    The articles have been published in a variety of journals and magazines.   

Reboot! Rethinking and Restarting Software Development - Free Online Book.

Free Function Point Manual


Function Point Training
Online FunctionPoint Training course

Why Benford's Law Works For Function Points by Charley Tichenor and Bobby Davis

Online Self Paced - Function Point Training Course

Those earning Computer Science Degrees and MIS graduates continue to fall in 2006.

You may print and distribute any of the articles contained on this website.    If you have questions or comments please send me an email (david@softwaremetrics.com).

Trends in Software Development
Ideas on Agile

n Growing Job Market, IT Pros Get More For Soft Skills (InformationWeek)

Recommended Books by other authors

IT Execs with Business Experience On The Rise (SearchCIO.com)

IT Salaries by Major Metropolitian Area

What impacts productivity and quality

Employment Trends in Software Development

Productivity of Software from 1970 to Present

Hardware and Software Trends

Book Reviews and Recommendations

Estimating Techniques for Software Development

Software Cost and Estimating and How to Estimate
These two short articles includes some industry data (hours per function point) that can be used for estimating software projects.  There is some discussion on Average Cost, Unit Cost and marginal cost for software projects.  

Estimating Test Cases and Defects
This short article explains how to estimate both the number of test case and defects for a software project.

Fundamentals of Function Point Analysis
An introductory article that introduces the major concepts related to Function Point Analysis.  This article is available in Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Using Function Points
Are Function Points more useful than a Swiss Army Knife?
This article explains the many uses for function points including estimating, scope control, maintenance, re-engineering.  This article is available in Spanish , Italian and Portuguese

Function Point Counting Topics

Why Benford's Law Works For Function Points by Charley Tichenor and Bobby Davis. This paper explains why Benford's Law works (at least in many situtation), and shows that it also applies to function points.

Function Point Crossword Puzzle. This is just for fun, but it helps reinforce some of the basic FPA concepts. It includes function point analysis terms and some other necessary terms.

Fundamentals of Function Point Analysis. This article is only a few pages long and gives you some insight into the mechanics of counting function points. The article covers all the basic terms used in Function Point Counting including the transactions and the files. It includes some basic instructional graphics. The articles is available online and in pdf format.

Recommendations for Further Function Point Research by Guest Author Charley Tichenor, PhD.  Dr. Tichenor has been involved in Function Points and a member of IFPUG for a number of years.   He provides some ideas on ways to improve the Function Point Metric including what to do with the GSC's. As always, Charley's ideas are interesting and bit controversial. 

How To Audit a Function Point Count
By examining how other industries perform audits we can begin to understand how to conduct audits on function point counts.  The article describes the different types of audits and necessary evidence needed to perform an audit. The article provides a list of 20 steps on how to perform an audit.

Counting Function Point from Uses Cases

Function Points Applied to New and Emerging Technologies
This downloadable file includes decision and information on application of function points to OO, GUI, Internet, and other new technologies.  This article is available in Portuguese 

Improved Function Point Definitions
The IFPUG definitions (both 4.0 and 4.1) are not clear and concise.  The article provides definitions that conform to the IFPUG definitions, but are easier to understand and to apply.

Understanding the concept of RET's
This two page article provides some insight in the meaning of RET's.  The IFPUG manual falls short on providing much detail on this topic. 

Name that Tune - Internet Example
A two page article regarding hyperlinks, html, and other basic internet concepts, a short case study is presented.

Application of Function Points to OO applications
This article uses terms and definitions commonly found in OO type of applications.   It provides  some useful tips.

Other Articles
How to Read a Specification - Tips on reading a specification.

Other Sources (in variety of langauges)
These articles have used portions of my English articles

A Study of Software Size Estimation (in Chinese).

Function Point & Metrics (Korean)

Online Function Point Training Course - Online Function Point Analysis and Counting Training Course.


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