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The target audience is academia, but practioners will benefit from this book also. The book edited by Dr. Gary Richardson & Dr. Charle Butler include some of the most important writing on IT.

Readings in Information Technology
Project Management.



So you are a member of an internal metrics group or quality group, would anyone hire you and your department? This is must read for anyone who is a memberr of an internal group. The Professional Service Firm50 (Reinventing Work) : Fifty Ways to Transform Your "Department" into a Professional Service Firm Whose Trademarks are Passion and Innovation! (Reinventing Work) by Tom Peters.
Will software managers rush to purchase a copy of Dr. Katrina Maxwell's new book Applied Statistics for Software Managers? No, but they should.  In my experience most software managers do not understand basic statistics.  Many organizations collect data without any idea of what to do with the data that has been collected.   This book helps software managers make better decisions and heads & tails out of their data. The book is well written and does not require much statistical or mathematical back ground.  Visit the website http://www.datamax-france.com/ for more information on Katrina Maxwell, her consultation practice and this new book.


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Capers Jones, perhaps the most prolific author in the field of software metrics, has published many books.  One of his best books on the subject is Software Assessments Benchmarks and Best Practices,  The target audience is the developer to the executive.  Among many other things, Capers outlines and describes the mechanics needed to build a metrics program.
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Tom DeMacro book Slack is an interesting and thought provoking book.  What is “slack”? Slack is the degree of freedom in a company that allows it to change.  Slack is a top selling book because it examines software development from an entirely different perspective.

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As the title indicates and is the most rigorous book on the topic Software Metrics: A Rigorous & practical approach by Norman E. Fenton and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger.  The book covers nearly every topic.  The authors do not place judgment on which metrics to use, but provide a framework on how to use a variety of metrics.



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