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The online course is equivilant to a two day function point training course. The course can be taken when and where you like. The course includes animations, video and interactive excercises. Below is an outline of the topics covered.

  • Introduction
    - Understanding behavior/ reward sys tem
    - Introduction to software metrics
    - Pros and Cons of software metrics
    - Understanding the estimating models
    - Using FP's to estimating project hours, staff and duration.

  • Function Point Analysis (FPA) Process
    - High Level Introduction
    - Brief discussion on theoritical foundations
    - Connecting the dots between all the FPA components

  • Establishing the Boundary
    - for traditional applications
    - for Internet applications
    - for intranet applications
    - for GUI
    - for Client/Server
    - exercises and examples

  • Identifying the RET’s and DET’s
    - Radio Buttons
    - Drop Downs
    - Check Lists
    - Sound bytes
    - Command Buttons
    - exercises and examples

  • External Inputs
    - defining and understanding EI's
    - traditional external inputs
    - external inputs for GUI applications
    - external inputs of an internet application
    - exercises and examples

  • External Outputs
    - defining and understanding EO's
    - counting textual reports
    - counting graphs
    - EO's for internet application
    - EO's in a GUI environment
    - exercises and examples

  • External Inquiries
    - defining and understanding EQ's
    - difference between EO and EQ
    - textual EQ's
    - EQ's and internet applications
    - EQ's for GUI
    - exercises and examples

  • Internal Logical Files
    - defining and understanding ILF's
    - examples of RET's
    - understanding ILF's on the internet
    - understanding ILF's for relation databases
    - exercises and examples

  • External Interface Files
    - defining and understanding EIF's
    - examples of EIF's on the internet
    - examples of EIF's for client/server
    - examples of EIF's for relation databases
    - exercises and examples

  • General System Characteristics
    - GSC's for traditional applications
    - GSC's for Internet applications
    - GSC's for GUI applications
    - exercises and examples

  • Calculating Adjusted Function Points Count
  • Exercises & Case Studies
    - traditional applications
    - applications deployed via internet/intranet
    - applications using GUI interfaces
    - applications deployed using OO
    - can be customized for your organization

Click to learn more about the online self pace function pont training course.

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