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Please download and share the following "free stuff" related to function point analysis, counting, and software metrics. Please provide a link to this page to help others find free function point materials and information on function point analysis.

Reboot! - The Book
Reboot! Free Online Book - http://www.RebootRethink.Com
- It is time to Reboot, Rethink and Restart Software Development.


Function Point Training
Online FunctionPoint Training course

Free Function Point Training Manual
This manual provides a step by step instruction on how to count function points and perform function point analysis.

Free materials for professors teaching function points and Software Metrics.

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Function Point Presentations
The following presentations are in pdf format. Let us know if you want PowerPoint Versions.
15-Minute Long (free with registration to the online function ponit training course)
1 - Hour Long (free with registration to th online function point training course)

Developing A Function Point Training Course?
Why start from scratch? With registration to the online function point training course, you get all the materials you need to jump start your course development.

Function Point Crossword Puzzle (the first three letters in Function Points is fun).

.Function Point Reference Card
Includes all the necessary tables and common acronyms.  The document is set up to be printed double sided  (Microsoft Word Format). 

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
A simple repository which will help you organization your function point counts.  Some of your counting will be automated by the spreadsheet. Once you input EI, EO, EQ, ILF or EIF and the number of DET's and FTR's the Average, Low, High and associated value is determined for you.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Which means others can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as they credit , David Longstreet, for the original creation.

Online Self - Paced Function Point Training


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