Top items impacting productivity and quality within IT organizations

Project Management
· Project Organization
· Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
· Project Team Morale
· Project Managerial and Technical Cohesiveness
· Project Management Experience
· Project Management Methods
· Project Management Tools

Developmental Personnel Experience
· Development Personnel Functional Business Knowledge
· Development Personnel Application Experience
· Developmental Personnel Tool and Method Experience
· Developmental Personnel Analysis and Design Experience
· Development Personnel Programming and Language Experience
· Developmental personnel hardware experience
· Pre-Test Defect Removal Experience
· Testing Defect Removal Experience

User Personnel
· User Personnel Functional Business Knowledge
· User Personnel Experience with Software Projects
· User Personnel Experience with Application Type
· User Involvement During Requirements
· User Personnel Involvement in Requirements Walkthroughs
· User Involvement During Design Reviews
· User Involvement During Acceptance Testing

Development Methods
· Type of Software Development Methodology Used
· Consistency of Software Development Methodology Used
· Experience Levels of Software Development Methodology Used
· Requirements Clarity
· Requirement Methods
· Requirements Consistency
· Prototyping Methods
· Analysis Methods
· Data Analysis Methods
· System Development Methodology
· Structured Estimating Methods
· Consistent Estimating Methods
· Productivity Measurements

Quality Assurance Process
· Design Defect Removal Training
· Code Defect Removal Training
· Pre-Test Defect Removal Training
· Pre-Test Defect Removal Facilities
· System Development Methodology
· Testing Function
· Testing Methods
· Testing Training
· Test Planning
· Quality Assurance Function
· Quality Assurance Process
· Quality and Defect Measurement

Defect Removal Effectiveness
· Business Functionality Reviews
· Defect Prevention Training
· Non-Testing Defect Removal Training
· Non-Testing Defect Removal Activities
· Testing Defect Removal
· Post- Release Defect Removal

· Legal and Statutory Restrictions
· Security Restrictions
· Product Performance or Execution Speed Restrictions
· Functional Novelty
· Individual Office Environment
· Office Noise and Interruption Environment
· Development Geography
· Number of Development Locations
· Multiple Languages (spoken languages)

Project Risk
· Risk of staff turnover and attrition
· Risk of management disagreements
· Risk of high project novelty
· Risk of unstable user requirements
· Risk of change in project architecture
· Risk of inadequate processing speed.
· Risk of poor quality and reliability
· Risk of significant usability problems
· Risk of schedule overruns
· Risk of cost overruns
· Risk of insufficient project staffing
· Risk of insufficient project skill levels
· Risk of excessive schedule pressures

Project Value
· Competitive Pressures
· Project is mandatory due to law or regulatory policy
· Value to human life or safety
· Value to security or national defense
· Value to morale and human relations
· Value to Enterprise prestige
· Value to competitive advantage
· Value to market share
· Value to quality and reliability
· Value to direct revenues from project
· Value to indirect revenues from project
· Value to enterprise strategic plans
· Value to enterprise operating costs
· Value to enterprise operation speed
· Value to future projects

Communication Effectiveness
· Communication of project information
· Formal communication method
· Effectiveness of “grapevine”
· Employment security

Responsibility Clarity
· Requirements Standards
· Roles and Responsibility
· Clarity
· Requirements process consistency



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