Outsourcing Measurements

We can help IT organizations determine unit costs and other vital metrics prior to outsourcing (or offshore) agreements. We can also help organizations determine and help. Benefits Include:

  • Increase profit margins
  • Improve return on IT investments
  • Reduces the unknowns
  • Identify best practices and worst practices
  • Pinpoint redundancies
  • Quantifies the risks
  • Improves communication

You dictate the best possible price to your vendor, not the other way around. Determining organizational unit costs (and other metrics) prior to outsourcing, allows you to come to the table armed with the right set of data. You should never allow your outsourcing vendor to determine your internal IT costs.

A Few Don'ts

  • Do not share your internal organizational costs with your outsourcing vendor.
  • Do no have your outsourcing vendor count and report function points.
  • Do not allow your vendor to audit their own productivity and quality reports.

We offer independent verification and validation of all information being reported by your outsourcing vendor.

Benchmark Against Expected Vendor

It is important to compare against your potential vendor and similar organizations. Often outsourcing vendors are no where the performance level they portray in their brochures and presentations.