What Longstreet Consulting Does

  • Increase return on IT investments
  • Improves communication
  • Encourages appropriate behavior
  • Increases profit margins
  • Communicates workloads
  • Enhances requirements process
  • Leverage resources by improved estimating
  • Pinpoints opportunities for improvement
  • Manage workloads
  • Reduce overtime

Function Point Counting

Human beings solve problems by breaking them into smaller, understandable pieces. Problems that may initially appear to be difficult are found to be simple when dissected into their components, or classes. When the objects to be classified are the contents of software systems, a set of definitions and rules, or a scheme...

Function Point Training

The function point training course has emerged from our global consulting practice. We have worked with companies in nearly every business and every size. We have taken our diverse experiences and created a robust and comprehensive FP training class. All courses are taught by David Longstreet speaker, author...


A software system is a collection of parts interacting with each other to function as a whole. The key word is interact. A software system is developed by people. Since people are the major input used to develop software, understanding human behavior is essential to understanding...

Benchmark Studies

The average productivity rate as well as the range of productivity is provided for each of the following industries. Overall Industry Averages, Health Care, Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing, Travel and Leisure, Retail, Finance & Banking, Insurance, Education, Telecommunications, Government, Software Development Companies...


We can help IT organizations determine unit costs and other vital metrics prior to outsourcing (or offshore) agreements. We can also help organizations determine and help. Benefits Include: Increase profit margins, Improve return on IT investments, Reduces the unknowns, Identify best practices and worst practices, Pinpoint redundancies, Quantifies the risks, Improves communication...


We have consulted with firms with IT budgets in excess of $1 billion, yet our average IT valuation is $96 million for mergers and acquisitions. Often software applications and the teams which develop them become the primary consideration when two firms merge or an acquisition takes place...

Expert Testimony

Often organizations enter into software contracts without concise acceptance criteria. We can provide the necessary research and examination of the project history to determine who was at fault and why the project went off track...

Client List

David Longstrteet has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies and international companies across a wide range of industries. This confirms his position as a market leader and attests to the wealth of experience he brings to any engagement. Besides the USA, he has consulted in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium...