Speaking Style

The style of the presentation is informative, but also entertaining. There is an informal saying among social researchers that goes something like “one good personal story trumps pages of data.” Mr. Longstreet uses a mixture of anecdotal stories, text, photographs, statistics, and video clips.

Typical Topics

While Mr. Longstreet will customize his talk for your specific group or conference, his typical topics are:

  • Behaviors and Forces Inhibiting Quality
  • >Worst Practices in IT
  • A History and the Future of e-Commerce
  • Estimating Models What Works and Does Not Work
  • Customer Service (or lack of) and what IT can Learn from the other
  • Industries
  • Software Measurement & The Scientific Method
  • The Function Point Metric

Quantitative Feedback

When asked, "Did the presenter meet or exceed your expectations?" 84% said it was excellent and 16% said good (no fair or poor)


  • "What he preaches is exactly the truth."
  • "It was a treat to hear David Longstreet."
  • "Informative and entertaining."

About the Speaker

David Longstreet, a software economist, is an international consultant with clients in every corner of the globe. With over 20 years of IT experience, he has consulted in the USA, Europe, Asia, The Middle East and South Africa. From dog food to aerospace, he has worked with every type of organization.

He has consulted for organizations with IT budgets in excess of a billion dollars and for organizations with just a few employees. Working with all levels of management including senior levels managers to the lowest level analyst, he's gained valuable insight into all levels of management. He has assisted clients in estimating and obtaining some of the largest software contracts in the world. He has provided evaluations of software acquisitions and consulted on IPO's where the value was in excess of a 100 million dollars.

Beyond Consulting

Mr Longstreet conducts research with the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Harvard University and Texas A&M University. He is a member of the Academy of Management and the American Economic Society. He has written numerous articles and two books Mr. Longstreet spent nearly a decade on the board of directors for the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG) and is a past member of the IEEE Computer Society. He provides technical review for several professional organizations and publishers.


Mr. Longstreet has presented papers in South Africa, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and of course the USA. He has also presented numerous papers to conferences and meetings throughout the USA.

He is a part-time instructor of Economics, Psychology and Statistics at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.


David Longstreet has an impressive array of domestic and international clients in both the private and public sectors including MasterCard International, MInistry of Finance of Italy, Amadeus, California State Pension Fund (Calpers), USAA, The US Department of Justice, Xerox, for a complete listing click here.


In his spare time Mr. Longstreet makes short documentary films and acts in plays. He enjoys downhill skiing, swimming and gardening. He lives in Kansas City with his wife and three children.

For More information please contact David