Instructor Lead Function Point Training

The function point training course has emerged from our global consulting practice.  We have worked with companies in nearly every business and every size.  We have taken our diverse experiences and created a robust and comprehensive FP training class. All courses are taught by David Longstreet speaker, author and founder of

Benefits of the training course

  • Highlights the benefits of function point analysis and software metrics.
  • Engages the participants
  • Participants learn how to communicate better.
  • Training goals are clearly explained
  • Material is presented clearly
  • Allows the chance to practice skills
  • Encompass broad international experience base

Development Methods & Environments
We bring an international knowledge base to every training class.  The course include the application of function points to the latest development methodologies and environments including, but not limited to:

  • Use Case Methodology
  • GUI
  • Web
  • Client Server
  • Internet and Intranet
  • OO

Latest Training Techniques
We employ some of the latest adult education techniques including, but not limited to:

  • Visual Learning
  • Active Q&A
  • An environment where participants are treated as peers
  • Frequent feedback
  • Mix of self paced and instructor lead
  • Intellectually challenging
  • Student centered

Concepts of Function Point Counting
The course follows the IFPUG (International Function Point User Group) Standards which is basically the Albrecht function point counting method.The course covers the intra and inter relationships of the transactions and files.

  • Transactions (data in motion)
    • External Inputs
    • External Outputs
    • External Inquiries
  • Files (data at rest)
    • Internal Logical Files
    • External Interface Files
  • General System Characteristics

We cover the use of function points and other software metrics at both the:

  • Project Level
  • Organizational Level

    Organizational Level
    Function points are used as a macro measure for organizational metrics programs.

    • Creating Estimating Models
    • Developing a productivity baseline
    • Gathering historical cost
    • Building a set of basic software metrics
    • Tracking and monitoring productivity

    Project Level
    Function points are used to manage day to day activities for projects

    • Predict Overtime
    • Manage workloads
    • Communicate scope creep
    • Reduce waste
    • Eliminate redundancies

Customization and Course Materials
The FP course can be customized to fit your development methodology and include examples from your environment. 

Please check out the online function point training course.


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