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Frequently, Mr. Longstreet is asked to speak at colleges and universities.  In the past he has spoken at Universities in the USA and Europe.  The topics can be specific to software metrics, conducting international business,  trends in software development, and governments role in the software industry.

Instructor Packets are available for those professors and instructors that would like to encompass function point analysis in existing or new Software Engineering, MIS, or a Software Metrics Course. Longstreet Consulting Inc materials are used at over 100 different colleges and universities. Contact David Longstreet ( for more information.

It is encouraged that you have your students sign up for the online function point trainng course. The cost of the course is only $50.

Instructor packets are also available to those creating courses for internal corporate training.

Instructor Packets include:

  • A free registration to the Online Function Point Training.
  • An electronic copy of a PowerPoint Presentation (over 100 slides).
  • An electronic copy of the Answers to the free function point manual.
  • An electronic copy of over 100 example questions with answers that are suitable for exam questions.
  • Images that can be used in presentations (jpg format).

We encourage cutting & pasting and customization of course materials with proper citation. If you are using our materials, please provide a link to this site. Academic Testimonials

Instructor packets are provided complimentary to instructors and professors. 

Suggested Link: 
Techniques for Function Point Counting - www.SoftwareMetrics.Com

You can download presentation materials which you may find useful in your class
15 Minute Overview of Function Points
1 Hour Overview of Function Points
Two - Day Training Class Overheads (upon request)

Courses where FPA is introduced or included
Software Engineering
Management Information
Project Management
Computer information Systems

Links to Universities Teaching/Research on Function Points
The following links may be useful for other academics wanting to learn more about FPA and/or include it as part of an existing course.

Monash University Powerpoint Document (Software Engineering: Analysis and Design - CSC3080) week09b.ppt

Columbia University

University of Quebec

University of Houston - Dr.Gary Richardson email:

Stevens Institute of Technology - Larry Bernstein Industry Research Professor

Dr. Michael zur Muehlen


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